Wednesday 12 June, 2019

Judges 5:1-4


Memory Verse:
Psalm 78:72

Leadership is a trust and call to responsibility. The task is about going the way and showing the way. It is the Job of being in the front and showing by example how to live the good life, achieve purpose and fulfil destiny. Being a leader is not a title, rather a mantle. It involves making every effort one can in order to leave a people or an organisation better than you met them.

And as it is usually the case, it requires sacrifices, vision, courage, team spirit and moral rectitude. Our text reveals that when a person is trusted with leadership assignment and he or she does it well, people willingly offer their best in support.

So when people are disgruntled, depressed and unwilling to support leadership, a question usually arises: is the leader really leading well? Leading is not same as lording. It is not the imposition of one’s whims and caprices. It is not forceful domination.

Fortunately, almost everybody is a leader in one way or the other. When we do our leadership job at whatever capacity we find ourselves the continuum extends to the entire society and life gets better. Are you a parent, senior sibling, class monitor, school prefect, teacher, civil or public servant or someone assigned to any position of responsibility, please do your job well. As we join the rest of Nigerians to mark this year’s Democracy Day, may we attempt to be distinguished as leaders who lead well!

Good leaders generate great followers.

Lord, help me to be a good leader.

Jeremiah 20-21;  Matthew 24: 1-28
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Comrade Okizo Nnoke
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