A Lost Opportunity

Monday 11 June, 2019

Luke 23:39-44


Memory Verse:

Jesus, the Word of God, remains infallible from generation to generation and cannot be thwarted. He is so merciful yet cannot condone evil irrespective of who commits it. The only remedy is repentance. Anyone that repents, gets instant forgiveness and acceptance. When one repents from one’s evil ways, Jesus washes away one’s sins with His precious blood and then accepts one into the family of the sanits. But, when a person hardens his/her heart and continues in sin. He/she is already condemned.

A story was told of a sick old man that saw hell fire while he was still alive. He started shouting fire, fire, but the only person around him did not understand the message. God showed him hell to give him the opportunity to accept Christ and escape hell fire but there was no one to help him. He lost that last opportunity and died a few days after. The second thief in our text today lost his last opportunity to escape hell fire. Instead of being sorry for his sins, he mocked the saviour of his Soul. The first, thief recongnising and being sorry for his sins, entered into eternal rest with the Master.

What are you doing with the opportunity before you now? Would you grab it and settle it with your maker? It may be your attitude, unforgiveness, pride, lying, lack of respect for superiors, grossip, bitterness, anger etc. Whatever yours is, settle it right here and now. Tomorrow may never come! The sick old man lacked someone to help him but you have ample opportunity before you now. Don’t let it slip away.

Grab this opportunity; don’t lose it.

May I always grab the opportunity to say ” I am sorry’ whenever I err in Jesus’ name.

Jeremiah 15-17;  Matthew 23: 1-22
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